Monday, July 17, 2006

Puke re-puke... 

work is staying crazy. i guess probably everybody says that, though.

i haven't done a whole lot of interesting stuff lately. haven't been all that good about working out or reading or all that jazz i promised to do. i have eaten a little fruit and drank some milk, which is an improvement, albeit a small one. i'm watching less TV, but that's really a crappy thing to feel proud of considering the only real reason is because i'm at work a little bit more now.

ewww, my parents' cat just threw up and immediately tried to eat it. i'm not sure if she wanted to hide it or just liked the idea of re-eating her food. either way, it was pretty disgusting. i scooted her away from it and cleaned it up, but still... yuck. she must not be all that sick, though, because she just snuggled up to play with one of her toys. cute.

so comparing clerks II with its predecesors, is it worse or just right on par? just wonderin'


Sunday, July 09, 2006


much to the dismay of my dear wifey rock, i'm not a big fan of cleaning. sure, i enjoy a clean household, but i hate the process to get to that point. i am very thankful for our new-fangled cleaning paraphernelia that makes the job a little easier, though. at times, i have to admit that i no longer mind the cleaning. i can see the results and feel the associated satisfaction.

i have embraced the microfiber dusters, multi-purpose surface cleaners, spray disinfectants, cling toilet bowl cleansers, clorox disinfectant spray (you can spray that just about anywhere you believe is tainted with germs), and all swiffer products. i now flick and swiffer with much more frequency than i have ever vacuumed (i HATE vacuuming and the horrific noise the vacuum cleaner makes) or mopped. oh yes, and the magic eraser from that bald guy. mr clean, that's him. after i wash the dishes, i can just use the water that dripped onto the counters to moisten the magic eraser and clean my countertops. then everything looks nice. dishes put away in the cabinets. counters free and clear of crumbs and grime.

now the downside. i'll be sore tomorrow. i got the urge to clean right after i worked out. lovely combo. well, g'night! hope all is well and the work week treats all of you well.


Thursday, July 06, 2006


if you had a limited amount of time left on this earth, what would you do? would you go wild and do all the bad things you never had the guts to do when you thought you'd be here for another several decades? would you stay the same and keep the stability of your same-old-same-old routine? would you do the "live every day as if it were your last," fulfill your life to-do list thing?

i know i haven't been very good about posting lately. seems like there's nothing new lately. i stay busy, i have very little computer time, work wears me out, then the weekend comes and i sleep and get a little mayhem time. then the cycle repeats all over again.

a couple weeks ago, i did something that made me hate myself. i hurt a friend. i try my very hardest to avoid doing that at all costs. in that instance, i was put in a difficult situation and forced to make a judgment call. i did what i believed would be best and help preserve all the friendships involved. that person did not receive it well, though, and that strained things for a bit. i practically made myself sick over it. friends are so important to me that i felt physically sick knowing that i hurt her. thankfully, we were able to overcome. and as a sidenote: we all just discovered that V is mortal. shocking, i know, but there is a 1-900 number for a telephone support group for those of you who have trouble coping with this discovery.

i busted out with a very strange obscenity this afternoon. i was walking back from my mailbox, and i almost tripped over this cat that was skulking nearby. what did i yell? "fucking peacock!" what the hell?!? who knew. then i started laughing at myself because i felt like adam sandler.

well, that's my latest update. nothing special, but most definitely me. enjoy, loves!


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