Wednesday, December 27, 2006


i hate cleaning. can't wait till mayhem banks and i can have somebody clean for me. oh right, that's called the dream world. oh well. back to slaving away.


Saturday, December 23, 2006

This time of year... 

so christmas is coming at a fast and furious pace. i'm not really feeling it this year. i brought my decorations out, then never put them up. i bought gifts one night, had them delivered to my parents house so they're there when we do christmas, and haven't thought about them again. it's not the scrooge or the grinch syndromes. it's just a blah kind of season. any ideas of how to get me into the mood? ...... the christmas mood, that is!

poor mayhem. he procrastinated on shopping, and he is currently out with the crowds, scouring for the perfect presents. then on top of that, he still hasn't decided what he wants for christmas, so now he has to wait to get his gift until after christmas. i have two little gifts for him, but the big shebang gift is missing. it's pointless to ask him what he wants for christmas and get a straight answer. he wants what all you good little blogger boys want for christmas-- me in a naughty little outfit.

i've been slacking a lot this year. haven't been writing too much, haven't been doing much more than working and spending time with mayhem. haven't even spent that much time with mayhem, or so it feels. need to get out of the funk.


Monday, December 18, 2006

My lil' munchkin... 

i got home and my dog was in trouble. she devoted the next several hours of her life to giving me the puppy dog eyes until she was forgiven. i plopped down on the floor to flip through a magazine, and she crawled up to snuggle. i gave her a quick little hug then went back to the magazine. she left, then came back with her stuffed animal and crawled into my lap with her toy. how cute! sometimes they really are little pet children.

i want popcorn. movie popcorn, though, not the microwaveable kind.


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Closed captioning... 

if a deaf person wants to go to the movie theater, can they request that they turn on the closed captioning? or are they required to wait until the movie comes out on DVD if they want to be able to understand the movie?


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