Sunday, February 25, 2007


1) It's not cannibalism until you know better.

2) Now I'll be thinking about fruit baskets all night!

these are a couple comments from our weekend. the first was my comment as mayhem and i made cruel conversation about a severely obese toddler we saw. i pointed her out and mayhem said she just hadn't lost her baby fat yet. i asked how many babies she took the baby fat from to get that much pudge. mayhem said she ate her whole preschool class. i responded that it's not cannibalism until you know better. then we died laughing and i started laughing again every time i saw the girl. mostly because it was too cruel. then i realized that i think the guy across from us heard me because he was covering his mouth with his napkin and seemed to be chuckling while looking over at us. oops.

the second comment was made by mayhem as i mentioned that one of our friends chased his wife around the house one day with a fruitbasket (dick tucked around the nuts). mayhem of course wanted to know who it was and i refused to tell him. so he said that now he'd be thinking about fruit baskets all night.

there is something seriously wrong with us. i don't know if we need a censor or medication or a padded cell or what.

well, that was our weekend. how about yours?


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Growing up... 

I'm emotional. i think i'm growing up and getting all emotional about it.

simple things are making me cry tonight. finding out that a friend of mine who was told that she could never have a baby and had some sort of "lady part" cancer had a baby who was perfectly healthy and happy yesterday. i cried for her and i cried for their absolutely perfect little baby. i cried for the miracle that saved her from the cancer and then blessed her with a child. i cried for the sheer bliss on her face for getting through the entire pregnancy without harm to her baby and the new little angel in her arms. then i saw a simple act on television where a husband called his wife's best friend to console her because she was really upset about something. the husband was concerned enough about her and wasn't able to get her out of the sadness, so he called for backup. so sweet. so caring.

what is wrong with me?! too many emotions!


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Put a little doodle in your dog... 

Mayhem decided that he wanted a chocolate lab. so i said i wanted a labradoodle, but he said he didn't want any doodle in his dog. of course, i found it absolutely hilarious, so i started saying "why don't you want a little doodle in your dog?!" over and over as he died laughing.

who couldn't use a little bit more doodle in their life anyway? i know i sure could!

do i plan to take up rock's offer for a beautiful home or a chic downtown condo. it needs plenty of space for all that i have in mind, though. rock, do you think you could learn to drink wine? i'd love to stock a nice little wine rack in our breakfast nook. and we could have so much fun painting the place together. i'm sure we'd end up on the floor covered in paint at some point in the day.


Friday, February 16, 2007

I love lamp... 

except that i hate lamps.

i just had that epiphany. i hate lamps. they're a useless waste of space. they take up a lot of space on a table just to shine a little bit of light directly underneath it. utterly useless.

once i have my own home, i will prove to all interior decorators that it is possible to have an incredible looking, well lit home without one damn space-hogging lamp.

now who wants to buy me a house so i can prove my point?!


Thursday, February 15, 2007


life is kinda crappy right now. too much drama, too many headaches, not enough motivation, surrounded by apathy. you know, life in a nutshell.

i am doing a lot of searching lately on what i need to do. you can't wallow in the suckiness if you're not willing to take some ownership and make some changes. the issue, though, is what i need to change and how. and everyday i'm just shocked when i look down at my clock and the entire day has slipped away. no time for anything other than work, eat, sleep, repeat.

little things annoy me. people and things i love have started to annoy me. it's a red flag that something isn't right.

so at any rate, there's nothing juicy to share.

how do you get salmonella in peanut butter? guess that's why choosy moms choose jif. (and thankfully, so do vortexias!)


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