Saturday, March 03, 2007


i came in with a purpose. don't know what it was now. my tummy's feeling weird. i worked out + started + got a stomach virus that made me very queasy. i don't think you can be any worse on one part of your body all at once. and all the people joking that maybe i was just pregnant--- not funny.

it's interesting for me to see how much people really feel they know you. one of my friends went to a happy hour not too long ago and when we saw each other again, he said "oh my gosh, i ran into this guy who said he knows you really well." couldn't tell me his name, described him, and i had no clue who it was. the only thing i could guess was that it was some guy i met once at a meet & greet event. if he handed me his business card, i could recognize the name and design and say that, yes, we had met before. however, i would never consider that i knew him well.

there are those people who try to awkwardly push things further. or make the promise of something further. like they want to get your info the first time you meet so you can go hang out again. this is awkward. you know you aren't going to hang with them again, and you really know that they'll never make that incredibly awkward phone call to arrange it.

i think that's even harder possibly in the friendship realm than in the dating realm. there are so many more possibilities for the friendship spectrum. they could want to be a couples friend, a shopping buddy, a drinking buddy, a happy hour wing man/woman, or the creepy i-just-met-you-but-let's-be-best-friends friend.

easier just to network within your existing friends to new groups. like a tree branching out.

i'm tired, i'm in lingerie, and mayhem just got out of the shower. adios!


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