Sunday, March 25, 2007

Of the day... 

i've been acting domestic lately. haven't been on the computer much. tried doing some home projects. dirt and dust really travels. the carpets were all clean before i started. i did the projects outside. i swept the dirt and dust up when i was finished. however, the inside still got messy when my dog and i came back in. puppy had all kinds of stuff in her fur that she then wriggled out onto the carpets. i had taken off my shoes before i came back inside, but then every step helped to shake loose more of the dirt that had clung onto my skin. my floors do not look clean anymore.

anybody know where you get those wire ball things to train ivy or climbing flowers into a topiary? i have several climbing objects, including an ivy that is just growing out of control. i think that would be cool.

speaking of all that dirt that got tracked through the house, i think i'll go get naked and take a shower.

question of the day: what's a really good romantic song that doesn't make people nauseous? if you've already gotten married, maybe you picked it as your first dance as hubby and wifey. maybe you selected a great song for V-day (the stereotypical one, not the one in celebration of me. although you might have picked the same song for both days if you're in love with me!)

thought of the day: i love hydrangeas. they're so cute i just want to eat them up. except i've heard they're downright deadly to doggies, so i wouldn't actually try to eat them. why do we say that something is so cute we want to eat it anyway? hold the dirty answers, boys, that's not what i'm asking. i can't tell you how many girls i've heard say that a friend's baby is so cute that they just want to eat them up (or the honest ones saying that about their own offspring).

tidbit of the day: one of my friends has a shaggy little dog. i was playing with it and started messing with his hair. did you know that dogs can wear the "flock of seagulls" hair do with great pride? he just looked so cocky with his new 'do!

ok, that's the latest from my brain. sorry i've been so delinquent. off to the shower.


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