Sunday, February 25, 2007


1) It's not cannibalism until you know better.

2) Now I'll be thinking about fruit baskets all night!

these are a couple comments from our weekend. the first was my comment as mayhem and i made cruel conversation about a severely obese toddler we saw. i pointed her out and mayhem said she just hadn't lost her baby fat yet. i asked how many babies she took the baby fat from to get that much pudge. mayhem said she ate her whole preschool class. i responded that it's not cannibalism until you know better. then we died laughing and i started laughing again every time i saw the girl. mostly because it was too cruel. then i realized that i think the guy across from us heard me because he was covering his mouth with his napkin and seemed to be chuckling while looking over at us. oops.

the second comment was made by mayhem as i mentioned that one of our friends chased his wife around the house one day with a fruitbasket (dick tucked around the nuts). mayhem of course wanted to know who it was and i refused to tell him. so he said that now he'd be thinking about fruit baskets all night.

there is something seriously wrong with us. i don't know if we need a censor or medication or a padded cell or what.

well, that was our weekend. how about yours?


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