Thursday, November 30, 2006

Quick question... 

does anybody actually know how the hell you are supposed to pronouce that new video game thing, wii? is it wee? is it why? is it way? maybe wee-ayy! like a karate chop?

i'm just wondering. i never hear anybody pronouncing it. it's like when prince just became the symbol.


Monday, November 27, 2006


oh family. such a complicated place. where politics originated, no doubt.

i dread the thought of beginning to look like either of my parents. in my experience, it is a bad thing. something that people whisper about the adult-child once they have left the room. something that is so horrible, so behind-their-back hush hush, that those uttering the words wait until the person could not possibly hear. they would rather say the person got fat within their earshot than have them hear that they look just like their mother/father. it's an insult. it's said with a sense of wonder, as you would say "wow, he/she has really gone to hell, hasn't he/she?" it's a cruel joke of mother nature. it is often accompanied by innuendos of premature aging. only in rare instances, such as the offspring of supermodels who haven't leatherized from a tanning regimen, is it a compliment.

however, for the parent, it is a huge compliment. "aww, he/she looks just like you!" or "i can see the family resemblance." it reminds the parent that they still look youthful, that they were attractive in their day.

now on to in-laws. you can never really be sure that they like you. you can only be certain of something if you know they despise you. in-laws don't play about that. but if they play nice around you, it doesn't mean that they actually like you. it could just be manners. i witnessed a mother-in-law/daughter-in-law situation over the thanksgiving weekend that shocked me. m-i-l underscored how much she disliked the d-i-l when she and the son weren't around. she could do no good. even the sweet gestures the d-i-l made were painted in a negative light by the m-i-l. however, the second the d-i-l appeared, the m-i-l talked so sweetly to her, allowed her to do all kinds of things to help out the m-i-l (big surprise there), and just acted like she finally had the daughter she never had. later on, i asked other family members if the d-i-l had a clue, or if she had let her son know she didn't like his wife. both answers were, of course, no. mean. so don't just assume that you've got the in-laws in the bag. they could still hate you.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Jobby blob... 

you know that feeling you have when you know you have a full day's work to do after you get off work? like you have 2 full time jobs and are only paid for one, and don't have the time to do either? yep, i know that feeling well. i hate it. i did well yesterday. got a LOT accomplished, but it still left about 1/2 the things that needed to be done still because my "to do's" had gotten way out of control. so i need to catch up today, but i started with the emails and am still not done. so only 2 emails will get done before i'll call it a night. yay. i'm accomplished.

and mayhem's MIA tonight. car broke down somewhere. upset about the impending cost and the stress before the holidays and all that crap. technology's great until it messes up.


Sunday, November 12, 2006


a prostitute with a prosthetic body part.

yes ladies and gents, they are all the rage now. perhaps rock's murphy bot was the originator of the craze, or maybe it was the cheap hooker on the wrong side of the tracks who got in a bad fight with a wood chipper that one winter. either way, there is no better way to get your STDs than from a prosthetute.

*brought to you from the sick mind of V.


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cuddle bugs... 

i love my cuddle bugs. i snuggle mayhem. my poochie snuggles me. she gives me loving looks that could melt even the grinchy-poo's heart.

i hurt my tongue somehow. i think i sprained it. i should try going into work tomorrow with my tongue in a sling and see what they say. that would be pretty funny.

so there's a tv show coming out called day break about deja vu, and a movie called deja vu about deja vu. this is just like the commercials that are all alike only much much worse.

grey's anatomy makes me cry. that daddy was the most impressive man i've ever seen (even if it was just tv).


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