Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy halloweenie... 

i like when it gets cold and you get out of your car and can smell people's fireplaces burning. yay.

i don't like getting up in the morning and having to go anywhere (especially work) when it's cold outside.

i want popcorn. hot and buttered. .......and fed to me by a hot man.

i would also like something with pumpkin and/or sweet potato in it. pumpkin pie. sweet potato pie. pumpkin chai latte from starbucks.

i want to go steal some children's halloween candy. trick or treat! *snatch*

hahah... snatch. halloweenie. dirty.


Monday, October 30, 2006

My turn at TMI... 

the funniest and most digusting thing i have ever heard; also the only thing that has made me laugh so hard that i was on the floor in the fetal position crying.

so mayhem has a thing against public restrooms for his solid waste disposal needs. we were gone for three days at a location with only public restrooms, and mayhem's shy colon had a stronger will than his desire for comfort. as soon as we got home, mayhem unleashed his best on the toilet. i was unpacking us as he finished, and of course he had to describe it. he came stumbling out of the bathroom as if he had just escaped a close call with death. "whew!" being the sweet girl i am, i asked if he felt better. he then described it as trying to poop his arm out of his butt. he made a nice graphic visual as he said it.

it was so disgusting that i screamed "ewwww!" and started laughing. it snowballed and pretty soon mayhem had to help me off the floor as i wiped the tears from my eyes. oh goodness, that's why i love this man.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Food for thought... 

"Don't worry, they have a very lovely life." -sex and the city


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sweet 'n' sour... 

i don't think any person can make me laugh as hard as my pups does. her expressions, the way she moves... she knows she's adorable, she knows how to make people laugh, and she just hams it up. oh, she kills me!

so i had this really creepy dream last night that i still can't quite shake. i was with my cousins at this religious event that we were invited to by one of my cousin's friends. turns out it was more like a cult with human sacrifices. there was a huuuuuuge turn out, and at one point, sort of like a communion break, everybody started filing out of sight by rows. it was to an outside annex area. as i got restless waiting for our turn, i started to notice something odd... the first huge group went out to the area surrounded by these people dressed head to toe in white outfits. they were kind of like indian garments, gauzy and silky fabric, but had bright white jewels decorating them. their faces were covered, and in the small openings for them to breathe and see, their faces were painted white.

then there was kind of a break and a shift change between that group and ours. a new group of guards came out to surround that annex area. they were also dressed in the white garments, but their faces were painted jet black in the openings. i started to feel very uneasy, but as i looked around, i seemed to be the only one. everyone else around us was laughing and joking around and smoking cigarettes as they waited. i noticed two things: that everybody in the second group except for myself and my cousins (who were visitors) were asian, and that we were the only ones not smoking. then all of a sudden, my cousin passed out candy cigarettes to us so we could pretend to "fit in." i tried to laugh it off with them and forget my uneasy feeling. finally it was our turn to go into the annex. when we walked in was the first time i could really see the area. it was more like a corrall area that blocked us in. as the last people came in, the guards closed in and we could see that they were all wielding clubs. everybody else seemed slow to react and much more trusting. i realized what was about to happen, and did the duck and cover thing, pulling some obscure suggestion from the past that you pull yourself into a ball to protect your vital organs and cover your neck with your hands so you're less likely to get spinal cord damage. thankfully i was more in the middle of the area, but i had just balled up on the ground as the others realized and were clubbed in such a way that they fell to their knees.

at that point i woke up to my alarm and complete panic. my heart was pounding. i was so upset and frantic. i was disturbed that i would ever have such horrendous dreams. and that feeling of knowing i was about to have true bodily harm and the people causing it would be unrelenting was so real and scary.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Weather changes... 

ah, it's fall. the weather's changing. leaves turn colors. you pull the sweaters out, then you put them back, then do it again and again. your nose turns cold so it starts to run, then it warms up and gets stuffed. ah yes, it's another season change.

i want a fashion shoot. just one really good series of shots. i had a friend offer once, but he wanted me to be nekkid for it, and that wasn't exactly appropriate. sometimes i still miss how he could make me feel like the most magnificent person on earth, though. as long as i could overlook the request that it was naked and obviously be wearing clothes for it, i still think he could easily take the best picture of my life. why? because it would show me the way he sees me.

hmm, that was an interesting thing to reveal to all the blogging world. well, secret's out!


Monday, October 02, 2006

Cherry chips... 

there's never enough time in the day. or enough time and energy in the day. if i get a lot done at work, then i'm too tired at the end of the day to do too much at home. if i get a lot done at home, then i'm too wiped to do a good day's work the next morning.

so i put in a good day's work, and now i don't have enough time or energy to write much of anything.

i miss cherries. i ate as many as i could during that tiny window of time when they are in season and don't cost $20 a pound. but sadly, that time has passed and now i miss them. i feel like i need a little fall break from work. i had a friend who's still in school say she was enjoying hers and i kind of got jealous. i'm also starting to feel a little sicky, though, so i better jump in bed and try to sleep it off. sore throat. yuck!


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