Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bert, ernie, and a dirty joke... 

i'm exhausted. it's been quite a weekend, and i'm sure that doesn't bode well for feeling rested and ready for the week. well, se la vie.

there are some changes coming my way, and they are exciting but also a little scary. unless you've got one major set of balls, new things, changes, growing up, etc, can all be nerve wracking.

but now i'm ending my weekend watching grey's anatomy. that makes me happy. i may be a bit busy this week, so if the posts are sparse, don't say i didn't warn you. i'm coming up against one heck of a deadline, and i'm very severely utterly screwed if i don't meet my goal by friday.

love you all. xoxo

oh yes!!!

i did have an actual good post to share. i'll do that quickly before i run.

i realized this morning that "my name is earl" proves that bert and ernie are truly just brothers, not lovers. think about it... earl is tall and skinny with bad hair (bert) while his brother is short and round and obviously balding (ernie). and both share a bed together, even if one of them falls asleep with his hand on his dick (earl's brother... wakey wakey, hands of snakey!) therefore, rest assured that bert and ernie are just brothers.

and now for the dirty joke.

"what did the beer say to the root beer at the end of their date?"

"what, no head?!"



Wednesday, April 26, 2006


sorry i've been so absent. i definitely would have written if i could have. stupid computer had to get fixed, and will have to go back in once more. how can we go into the doc for a check up and be out in an hour, but it takes a week and a half for computers? i don't get it.

until i get back into the groove, i'll respond to the comments from my last post.

livia, i'm sorry, i do realize that there is more than one asian guy in hollywood and in SVU probably even. and i do admit that i don't always give 100% attention to SVU, but i swear when i look up at the TV, it always seems to be the same guy! and when i hear his voice, it's the same voice. if the voice didn't sound the same to me, i would fully believe that it was 20 different guys.

j-mo, you sure got that right! it's so great when you get a little ego boost instead of people raking you over the coals.

cardman, no commentary about 7th heaven. it was stupid and ridiculous. but it always is. i am eager to say goodbye to that show forever. i am still hoping that the last episode will end things neatly with a very large gas explosion during a family reunion, or one of the pregnant teens killing the whole family with an uzi or something equally gory and destructive. but i'm betting it will be everyone saying goodbye as they share a box of oreos and reminiscing over their favorite sappy memories.

rock, i will hold the single version of yourself to that! take me off the market, baby!

can the weekend be here already?! it's so sick that you have to go 5 days straight at work before getting 2 measly days off. blech!


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Laugh it up... 

i love days when you can laugh. laugh at work, laugh with friends, laugh at your shows, just laugh. enjoy life. love life.

if i could top the day off with a great night with mayhem, it would be a fantastic work day (any day that includes work can never be considered a "perfect day," so just a fantastic day).

i'm a sucker for my tuesday night TV. i'm addicted to gilmore girls, which is the highlight of tuesday night TV for me. and i have to get my SVU fix and share my latest thoughts on the asian computer guru/ psychiatrist/ social worker/ hacker/ jack of all trades guy with livia. tuesdays are all about that TV ritual, baby!

i think i just figured out one of my weaknesses. i love being irresistable. it's definitely fun for me, as is all the flirting that goes with it. of course it kind of sucks that i'm irresistable to guys who are not mayhem. now don't get me wrong, he finds me irresistable in all the same ways that the other guys do and then some, but apparently i'm not irresistable enough for him to want to swoop in and take me permanently off the market. go figure. oh well, i'm having fun.


Monday, April 17, 2006

This just in... 

i have a horrible headache. my neck hurts too. my eyes feel like they need to chill and relax in the freezer (along with my vodka).

how hard would it be to secretly elope then still have the nice wedding? anybody think i could pull that off? i'd love to say that i could, but the first time somebody point blank asked me when i would be getting married, i'm worried that i couldn't hide the smile. i have had that issue before. kind of disturbing, but i have a hard time lying to friends yet can lie much easier to family. apparently i've had way more practice lying to the loyal fam. rebellious evil teenage years taught me to do that.

ok, headache is taking over. but let me know what you think about that question.


Sunday, April 16, 2006


whoops. i had a long absence there, sorry!

guess life has gotten a little busy lately. ran errands, met up with friends, workety working, excursions, chores, cuddle times, family time, mayhem time, all this stuff kept me away from the computer. i didn't really miss it either. i mean, ideally there would be enough hours in the day to do all of the above. but i love me some sleep, too.

i wish i had more time for projects. mayhem and i took some great pics of scenery, and he said he'd need to get a scrapbook for all of them. i teased him about scrapbooking and we had a brief discussion of whether to get singles or make double prints before deciding that we could get a manly leather-bound picture album and single prints since they'd become ours soon anyway. that little stuff makes me remember that there's a certain nice convenience to living together or getting married and living together that we're missing. i'm sure he'll drive me crazy at least half of the time, but we would definitely have some fun, too. there may be some changes in our future yet.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A.D.what was that? 

it's kinda funny how the littlest things can make you smile. oh, and could i have ADD? when i start thinking about something, it can be really hard to stop. i was trying to figure out something about this guy's ring today (class ring? secret society? what was it?!), and i couldn't focus on what we were talking about. i would make eye contact for a few seconds, and engage in the conversation, then look down at the ring again and try to discern what it was. i probably should have just asked, i mean what's the harm in that, but no... i just scrutinized instead. what's up with that??

ok, these past couple days have been me criticizing strange things. no more. the end. i like me, you all like me, so what's it matter if i tried to figure out some dude's ring. eh, big deal. life goes on.


Monday, April 10, 2006


so let's check out this past weekend. some exciting things happened, but some are secrets. in other news, i had a lazy weekend and just watched movies.

i love me some mayhem. i apologized this weekend for taking him for granted. it's nothing terrible, but i had teased him about burning copies of my CDs with my blank CDs and how i was being his provider. it was a very half hearted thing i very slightly meant mostly because i get sad and stressed looking at my bank account after i've spent more than i should. (i always have buyer's remorse.) but mayhem never asked me to buy them. and he's made plenty of copies for me in the past. but at that point, i apologized to him and made sure he knew how much i appreciated him and loved him and how grateful i was that he was so selfless in providing for me.

i hate saying stupid things. i hate regret and remorse. i nitpick. stupid little crap i wish i could take back or i wonder if they're thinking "what was she thinking" too. i said one of those dumb things today at work, too. afterward i just silently kicked myself and hoped nobody else noticed.

*sigh* another boring day in my head.

oh yeah, so i guess all in all it was a good weekend. hey, 30 seconds combined between the two stupid things i said shouldn't cancel out everything else, right? right. so it was a good weekend. cute mayhem moments. laziness. cleanliness. and now i'm out.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006


so... i don't think of anything groundbreaking to mention. work keeps me busy. weekends are pre-planned. i've been running behind for weeks now. i hate that feeling. of course i wouldn't give up plans or come in early to work to get rid of the feeling (especially since something new always crops up again anyway), but i do hate it.

i actually missed my parents a few days ago. unusual for me. i think i've become cuddlier lately. i missed my parents. and as soon as mayhem leaves, even if he's driving me crazy, i miss him too.

i would also love to schedule in a week long nap. this time change crap is such a mess. i wake up nervous. i wake up before my alarm worried that i've slept too late, or i wake up freaked out when the alarm does go off because it seems like it's still night time. or god forbid i use the snooze button, then i'll wake up in the middle of it paranoid that i just turned it off and am now late for work. this insanity must stop.


Sunday, April 02, 2006

Little shop of horrors... 

mayhem and i visited a pet shop this weekend. it nearly made me sick. at first, i made excuses. the birds are just molting because it's spring, they aren't sick. maybe those hamsters are just playing. but when i saw the albino underwater frogs jumping around, i became nauseous. they are some reaaaaally scary and nasty looking creepy little frogs. ewww. so to get away from them, i went back to watch the little hamsters while mayhem finished looking at the aquarium inhabitants. at that point i had to keep myself from crying. one hamster was seriously beating up on this other weaker hamster. the weak hamster was just swaying from side to side with the blows and had a tiny open sore on his teeny little face. it made me sick.

this weekend was kind of a mixed success. there were some good parts, but i'm winding down in the blahs. mayhem said something hurtful and i've kind of stayed in the pits since then. i need to soothe the blahs away.

just breathe.....


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