Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mush blender... 

so i have been asked what my favorite romantic song is. problem is, i'm notoriously bad at making important decisions. music is life. having to narrow any single category down to one song is impossible in my mind. if you do that, you're excluding every other song ever made that even remotely fits that category of song. never would have thought of either song that was suggested if i were forced to make my pick, but both are good choices.

as much as i hate to admit it, many of the really good mushy romantic songs are country songs. now i'm not advocating them here, i can just recall many seasons of the "it" wedding song being something with a twaaang to it. to me, to a certain extent the song needs to be realistic. kind of like the traditional vows. essentially, i can't promise you a life without pain or sorrow or tears or heartache, but i can promise that we'll go through it together and weather the storm as one. that's the song i want to hear. let's make this a little contest. whoever finds me that really great song that describes a realistic love (and i have to like the song itself, not just the message), i will use it as my wedding song with mayhem if and when that time comes.

i am mildly obsessed with breakfast at tiffany's. fell in love with the book when i chose it to do a book report in high school. it was hyped by the teacher when she said i'd have to get parental permission to read it as my book of choice because it was a bit risque for her prudish mind. won me over when it had a chic cover and was a short, quick read. then capote swept me off my feet with the stunning elixir of words that formed one magnificent story. after that, of course, i had to watch the movie where my dear sweet beloved audrey hepburn was absolutely incredible. if i were to ever change my name just for the whim of it, i would pick the last name of golightly. it's so cheery and bubbly. vortexia golightly. how could you not have fun with that girl by your side?!

do any of you other bloggies laugh at a comment on your site because you feel like you know the person well enough to know exactly how that comment would have been said in real life? i guess that goes for any written communication, but blogs have such personality to them (it's usually word vomit of the person's personality in that 15 minute span on time that holds their attention long enough to type something). obviously, i have revealed (probably since my first post) that i have almost no attention span or linear thinking abilities because i jump and hop and go from place to place.

thought of the day from my fuze drink: "proud of our back-side!" we should all announce that with conviction. we should all be proud of our back sides! our killer ass. our bubble butt. our badonkadonk (or however that's spelled). whatever you may call it. smack it and sizzle!


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