Thursday, March 29, 2007


i have this kind of modeling gig for a friend in about a month or so. believe it or not with this highly flawed personality and "definition of imperfection" persona, i am somehow a bit of a perfectionist. i visualize everything, so my reality must then closely match the visualization or it seems imperfect. i am also very good at critiquing. so this mumble jumble all causes this normally quirky and happily flawed chickadee to turn down the corners of her mouth in disappointment.


so doing my "research" for next month (read: looking at the pictures other friends have taken where they play like models) has left me a tad bit horrified. icky poses, tortured faces where you can tell they were trying to concentrate on looking sexy, awkward bodies.... eesh. maybe i better strut around in a bra, panties, and high heels to practice feeling really natural in all kinds of sassy poses. i'm sure mayhem would be all for assisting me with this hands on research. yes, i do realize the dirty implications of calling it "hands on research" but i'm leaving it anyway.

latest fuze update. the banana colada after a long day of work tastes striptacularly delicious.

finally, to shamelessly promote the post below, read it and comment! hughugkisskiss!


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