Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sexy back... 

(written on 9/28/06, but blogger was so shocked to have 2 posts in such quick succession that it wouldn't let me post this one then.)

so we are leading a revolution. short posts. why not? i have an attention span of a gnat, so that works much better for me. otherwise, i end up reading only one or two people a day, and i have quite the long reading list of bloggers that go unread that day.

what happens right before you get hives? i've never had them, but i would guess that before you bust out in full blown red splotches, that you're itchy and uncomfortable. my bottom lip and my right thumb are itching for no reason, and it doesn't stop after they're scratched. if i break out in hives, i'm calling in sick to work tomorrow. just so you know.

so i hate to admit this, but i like justin timberlake's "sexy back" song. for the record, i still don't like him. you can like the art but hate the artist right? i think so. rawwr! sexy sexy now!

end short post now. see? so sweet and simple, it's sexy.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Duck feathers... 

so, let's see... life is still life. some things are better, some things are still the same. so really, when you add it all up, i guess that means things have improved.

there's a little less stress, partly because i have vowed to just not quite care as much. let things roll off my back, do what i can and then just admit i can't do it all. when people treat me like crap, i try to remind myself that they aren't important in the grand scheme of things and it's only hurting myself if it brings me down.

aw crap i have to run. so sorry to be so brief. more later, really!


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Life will poop on you... 

i'm worn out. wasted. the life has been sucked out of me. i've become apathetic. i just don't care. people ask me what's wrong because my michievous eyes look blank and dead.

i am having a very bad week. i'm getting pushed to the brink.

i'm trying to look for the good, the silver lining. so let's go...
mayhem is still a sweetheart.
my puppy makes me laugh.
people can still make me laugh, despite feeling so blah.
sleep is good.
i got to look at friends' pictures today and they were cute.
my misery has company. (i still consider this a crappy "plus")
tomorrow is friday.
i will survive, hey hey!

(random question: why are people talking about coal and radioactive energy being "clean" energy? do they not remember how dirty coal was? how it caused black lung and the people would be covered head to toe in the black soot? do they not remember chernobyl? i haven't researched it, but i just don't understand why we're going back to these things.)


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Little installment... 

so i bet everyone is wondering where i went. if my computer contracted another STD and had to be shipped off to get fixed again, if i was gobbled up by vicious man-eating sharks, or what.

well, i'm still here and i'm doing just fine. i've just been crazy busy. i know, i know, that's always my excuse. but sadly, it's always also the truth.

and i just took on another major project. so you may be seeing even less of me now. but please still know that i love you all and i check your sites even if you don't see anything from me for days on end.

i like it when the weather starts cooling off just a touch. you wake up a little chilly and hit the snooze to cuddle up under the covers a little longer. you walk in from the outside and your home smells just a bit crisper and feels cooler without having to turn on the air. you start eyeing the blankets again, knowing that in just a month or so you'll pull them out and snuggle into them. now don't get me wrong, i don't like the cold. i just like the cool.

it was weird for me to realize that a few days ago was my puppy's first experience of cooler weather. she ran outside expecting the usual heat, and it was actually fairly chilly. it took almost 20 minutes of her looking at me in bewilderment to decide that i wasn't letting her back in until she did her business and she was going to have to do it in the cold grass with even colder dew covering it. at that point i also wondered if she was going to be the kind of dog that required its own coat to go outside when it got downright cold.


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