Friday, September 30, 2005

Dirty little secrets... 

a few little tips for the guys out there. just consider them suggestions to take or leave as you wish.

know what a girl likes au naturel before you marry her. know what her original hair color is, what her face looks like sans makeup, if she had any plastic surgery, what she looks like without the push up bra, etc. is she willing to tell the truth? is she willing to let you see her for what she was according to God, prior to her handiwork on herself?

find out what her mom looks like, what her family looks like. if her whole family is beefy, is she working like crazy to avoid it? will she go down the same route when work gets crazy and she stops working out? will you be ok with that?

is she high maintenance? does she have any really annoying habits? do you love or hate that?

does she, at any angle, remind you of a female family member of your own (especially mommy or sissy)? does this creep you out? can you handle the heat if your friends tease you about it? if it may bother you, have a friend check it out and give you his honest opinion. i have known way too many guys who chose women who looked like they could have been born into the same family as a sibling, not as a wife. kinda creepy to me.

these are just things that i started to think about as i saw a couple of couples who had these faults earlier tonight. confusing.... i thought about this after seeing some guilty parties tonight. one couple was guilty of many of these issues. in another, i fear the poor boy is all too trusting of his carefully constructed woman. little of her current form would be covered under the "original warranty." i even have family members who are guilty of some of these slip ups.

anyway, just something to think about. on with the night!


Slow horse... 

i hate it when mayhem calls me and talks really slowly. actually, i hate it when people talk slowly, period. i guess it's the city girl in me. i like things a little more fast-paced. i get so frustrated waiting on people to finish their sentences when they talk slowly. not to make you all self conscious if you talk slowly or anything.

ok, and what the hell is the point of that new stupid horse movie? is it supposed to be heart warming that a little privileged blonde girly is getting involved in the horse races before she even reaches pre-pubescence? or that she nurses a sick horse back to health so a midget (yes livia, a midget) can ride it hard. lol... sorry, couldn't help myself. but seriously, running as fast as you can with blinders screwing up your vision so crusty old gamblers can make a quick buck can't be the dream job of a horse.


Thursday, September 29, 2005


so you have waited long enough. here is my first HNT. although since there is no clothing on the location in question, i have technically fulfilled your FNT fantasies.


i'll try to make HNT a regular thing around here, but i can't make any promises.


Separated at birth... 

my family knows me all too well. i just talked to my aunt to see how i needed to dress for a family function in november (aka, did i have to buy a new outfit). my uncle picked up and we talked for a few minutes before he passed over the phone. he let my aunt know why i was calling, so when she took the phone she said, "yes V, you need to wear something!" so of course i responded that i would wear a very nice pair of heels, and she said that would be perfect.

oh, how i love my family.

there are times when i talk to my aunt and uncle and secretly think i'm one of their kids. we are like peas in a pod. they always wanted a daughter, too....

well i'm currently feeling productive, so i'm going to capitalize on that feeling.


Tuesday, September 27, 2005


i don't have much for tonight's post. i finally have a working clock in my apartment. my legs are itching like crazy and i don't know why. my razor has also been giving me headaches. and my hot water heater has not been giving me enough of that hot stuff. i'm sure all three issues are linked. more hot water would have made for a better shave, would have bettered my razoring abilities, and would have irritated my legs less to reduce the itching. ah yes, the magical synergy of everything.

i swear that i will have decent posts again. and i will have pictures once again. rock has suggested HNT pictures. i considered it around the start of the HNT craze, but it was too much work for me to register with the whoever-it-is who wants to be contacted about all the half nekkidness. but screw dat. if i get a pic ready, i'll post it and suggest that one of you lovely readers notify the whoever-it-is dude.

let's do 20 questions. throw some at me in the comments box.


Monday, September 26, 2005

The WB... 

we really must talk. normally you are a very good station with a solid lineup of teenaged fluff shows that i can mindlessly watch as i recover from a long day at work. however, i must point out a small point of contention. you need new wardrobe planners. the current ones must be about 80 and only buy one fashion magazine a month. ok, so i don't keep up with all the latest hideous teenage fashions. i sometimes keep tabs on the more classic, less hideous ones, as i try to wear outfits that span the years but don't go out of style either. anyway, i digress. many of the outfits they choose for their teen stars are simply disgusting. like a rusty brown with bright red heels. ewww. or tapered jeans stuffed into great big furry boots. these outfits look like the juniors section of walmart regurgitated tacky all over teen stars.


Sunday, September 25, 2005

Midget kitchen... 

i like my new place. i really do. my one issue would be the kitchen. it would be paradise for a midget with little midget cooking items. but it sucks for me. at first glance it appears to be nice and sufficient enough to house any number of kitchen items. then you look closer. the dishwasher appears to be of normal size and dimension, but look inside, and you will find midget-sized racks. it would take two loads to wash what i normally did in one load in my old (and any other normal-sized) dishwasher. the oven looks normal sized, too. but just open the storage drawer underneath, and you will see how truly midget-ish your pots and pans must be. same with the refrigerator/freezer. midget, with midget height between the shelves. subconsciously it is preventing you from buying a two liter of any soda product because-- gasp-- it won't fit on even the tallest shelf. oh, and of course i have two midget-sized cabinets. one that is only wide enough to store a couple cutting boards. wouldn't you know. so i feel a little cramped in my midget kitchen. there are some growing pains, but i am slowly adjusting.

those wobbly toys that they are advertising for kids... wibbly wobbles or something... is their jingle supposed to boost the self-esteem of young children? wibbles wobble but they won't fall down. this is why they are a good toy. you, on the other hand, are a bad little baby who tries to walk but keeps falling down. of course, i'm just joking about this, but the damn jingle is still stuck in my head from hearing it a couple days ago, so i am now unleashing it on you guys in the hopes that you will take over singing it and reliquish me from its evil grasp.


Saturday, September 24, 2005


i never thought i cared about tact before. however, now that i work with people who enjoy having no tact in conversations with me, i am realizing that tact is an underestimated virtue.

people who just bluntly ask me personal questions with obvious disdain in their voice.
how much do you weigh?
how old are you?
(this was a lovely twist) how old is your mother?
i could be your mother.
you look all of 13.

really people, i do love being uncomfortable, feeling awkward for being myself. how did you know? if you're jealous, don't take it out on me. if you despise me, keep it to yourself. if you think i'm doing a bad job, cut me a little slack since i'm the new girl.

it's one thing when it's your friends being blunt with you. it's an entirely other thing when it's people who are virtually strangers or coworkers who just pretend to know you. and it's also different when it's mean personal attacks like that versus just being honest. it's the difference between saying that i'm thin to saying they hate me because i'm skinny to wanting an exact pound to height ratio or body mass index number. scenario 1 i'll just be a little self-conscious, the second i'll think "and i hate you too because that's not really a compliment," and the third makes me think that i could reduce the awkward-factor by parading around naked.

anyway, that was just a little rant i need to get off my chest.


Gotta goodun'... 

i hate when stupid people push my buttons. fucking assholes.

at least the man i'm dating is a great guy. i got my date last night. i was extremely stressed after an insane day at work, so i was really frazzled. poor guy had an uphill battle to make it a good evening. he played the textbook awesome boyfriend, though. he started off on the right foot by dressing up. then he let me talk about all the stressful crap at work, offered support, and kept the date moving (getting to dinner on time, etc). he also made me laugh and complimented me frequently. we picked out a romantic comedy at the video store, and cuddled up together to watch it. afterward we kept snuggling, then started kissing. he kissed my neck with light little butterfly kisses. he kissed me slowly and sensuously, and made me forget all about my day. it was just us, in the moment, enjoying each other. we even had soft lighting and good music.

as a friend of mine would say, i gotta goodun. sure we have our frustrations, but when we remember to have a little patience with each other and be kind to one another, we couldn't be happier.


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Pet peeves... 

as i'm sure you have all learned by now if you've read for any length of time, i develop pet peeves kind of easily.

for example at this new place, my pet peeves have increased by two. one being that my neighbor's guests all loiter outside my door and chat while they're waiting for her to get her ass to the door. they just lounge against my door and chat. i was this close to whipping the door open to teach them a lesson once and for all. the other pet peeve is that they do not screen the people living on upper floors for their ability to walk without stomping. stomp stomp stomp up the metal stairs, carrying more weight on the heel to add an extra decibel or two and to create an echo. stomp clomp stomp over to the kitchen. stomp stomp stomp over to the bathroom. seriously people, if you just learned to walk heel-to-toe as your podiatrist advised, you would do your body a service and you would pad quietly along the floor.

another pet peeve that has flared up tonight is having somebody with a large ego talk down to me like a small child. makes me violent. makes me remember that he comes to me for advice and i don't always have to be the bigger person when it becomes bad for my health. sometimes i have to keep in mind what is best for me, not for everybody else.

breathe in, breathe out.

in another non-pet-peeve related note, it would be freaking scary to me to hear that if i didn't evacuate i needed to write my next of kin's phone number on my body with waterproof ink. hi, i think i'll leave now, thanks. of course then it sounds like they'll just run out of gas and get stuck on the street. praying that they're all safe. glad i have a little better understanding of what's happening for this hurricane than for katrina when my internet was out for an extensive period of time. anyway, hope everybody stays safe.


Live and let die... 

live: happy birthday to one of my sisters-by-choice! she's one of the most amazing women i know!

let die: a little flying something just landed on the edge of my computer. i hit it once figuring it would kill it without screwing up my computer. he just turned around and went about his business like nothing had happened. so i hit him again. nothing. ended up hitting him about 6 times with him still being completely unaffected. after the last hit he just disappeared. i don't know where he went. maybe he finally figured out he could fly off, or maybe he fell to the ground. i'm pretty sure i never killed him though.


Wine and dine me... 

i think i'm about ready for a little break. a break from stress, a break from confusion, a break from it all... well but not a break from sanity. i'd still like to stay sane.

i think i'd probably also settle for one good, incredible date. a date with a man who is sweet and kind and thoughtful and attentive and nice the whole way through the date. mayhem tends to get too hyper after he's been on good behavior for a matter of minutes. it can be a little frustrating. definitely taught me i will be disappointed if i expect a sweet movie-quality type date. makes me worry a little about how well the proposal will go. i know he means well. and i don't want him be somebody other than himself or ditch the funny side of his personality. i love how much he makes me laugh. i just need one good pampering sweet-me-off-my-feet date.

i want foods dipped in chocolate. i want candles. i want some forethought on good music or a romantic movie. i want him to dress up for me.

another wish... i wish i could see into the future. or just have a little roadmap of the big decisions in my life and what i should do. that would be really nice.

i think i'll go eat pudding now. chocolate/caramel or vanilla? i think vanilla wins for tonight. anybody feel like getting creative with pudding? ;)

i had a thought, but i lost it already...


Wednesday, September 21, 2005


today was quite the doozie of a day. i had no down time, no time to catch my breath, and ended up staying late as a result. i was ready to collapse by the time i got home. sure they appreciated it, but because i could handle it that means they'll be fine with piling on the work in the future.

oh, and can we stop having hurricanes already?! isn't this rita one going to be about 3 right in a row here, all in about a month's time? that's pretty rough. plus i was thinking about this, and i think a lot of people who were evacuated after katrina were taken to places that have since had to evacuate for the last hurricane and for the upcoming one. all these people have to be getting pretty traumatized. plus the few evacuation places left must be swamped with people by now. hopefully there won't be any more this year.

i am so very ready to take a long relaxing bath tonight. if i thought i needed one yesterday, i absolutely need one tonight.

i also have this weird little bump in front of my left ear. i'm going to ask mayhem to look at it, but i hope it's nothing scary or serious.

i really need to have a chat with the drivers in this town. i don't think i really mentioned it, but i moved a little while back. in this new city i live in a pretty peaceful area of town, but the drivers here are nuts. they tailgate me on the way to work. one guy ran a stoplight, i mean just completely and utterly ran it during the middle of the stopping part, because he was seemingly running late for work. seriously, this guy came speeding up to the stoplight, stopped briefly to catch a break in traffic, then ran it. then as i got closer to work, another guy ran a stop sign. freaking insane drivers. for all their peaceful surroundings, you'd think they'd let go of a little of that stress and drive a little safer.

enough for tonight. time for my bath. hugs!


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bored with myself... 

so what can i tell you about today....?? i keep looking forward to the weekend. this morning i thought about how nice it would be to relax in the bath. now i'm not sure if i will or not.

i really don't feel like i have anything to talk about right now. so blah.

maybe i'll eat some dinner and come back inspired.


Monday, September 19, 2005

'Tis what 'tis... 

i was about to turn of the computer when i realized that i hadn't blogged yet. oops!

it's been an interesting day. exciting news, too much emotion, exhaustion, and everyone seemingly having a "monday."

i was productive. i got to talk with friends. i came to important realizations about myself.

i miss my boy. i spent time with him this weekend, but it felt like no time at all.

i'm having issues lately with making decisions. i have to decide on some major things and some minor things, but i've been putting off all of the decisions. i've also had problems being productive in my personal life. now that i have tv again it's like this little thought in my head that comes to me after work and says "hey, just watch me for a few minutes while you recover from work." before i can blink, it's time for bed. oh well... i'll take care of things eventually.

what's your favorite idle chit chat topic at work? you know, after you've done the polite thing, but then you see them again during the day and want to be nice enough not to ignore them but don't want to rehash the same "hey, how are you?" thing again. any favorite topics? any cheesy lines or jokes?


Saturday, September 17, 2005


if you're going to lie to me, then at least be good at it. a bad lie just insults my intelligence.

better yet, just don't lie to me. i'll probably find out anyway.

(update: cleaned up the links again. if any of you who have disappeared decide to write again, be sure to let me know.)


Friday, September 16, 2005

Getting in my way... 

what is the point of the ziploc big bags? because trash bags look too low brow? come on, that's really what it is. a glorified, clear trash bag. except it's more likely to spring a leak or have a defective way of closing.

so now for the important point.

i heard something today that i'm pretty sure i am guilty of on a regular basis. it was somebody saying that you could achieve a great deal more if you just stopped getting in your own way. i think i get in my own way all too often. i stop myself from doing things i should probably really do. i trip myself up. i sabotage myself, most often in love. i trust my gut even if it may hurt somebody, and then i let the guilt eat my insides. i need to get out of my own way and just let myself be. love myself unconditionally and trust that if i act out of love then i will do the right thing.

i have always preached self confidence and self esteem and loving yourself. it is something that women do all too seldom, and i wish that would change. i try my best, and i think i'm probably better than most women at it. however, i was trained as a little girl to have a monstrous conscience, really feel the guilt trips, and take on the stresses and problems of others. i wish it wasn't a lesson i learned, but when your mother regularly guilt trips you, never apologizes when she's wrong, or accepts your apology when you hurt her feelings (even if it was unintentionally). my mom is great, but she has her own issues (many of them), and i have a few quirks as a result. the most basic way to overcome all of those quirks is to stop getting in my own way.

this is my new mission.


Thursday, September 15, 2005

I wonder... 

hey bushy boy... how many people did you take in at your mansion/ranch in crawford?

i have a confession-- i was really hoping that bush would trip as he crossed the lawn to the podium to start his address. i thought i would be pretty hilarious. sadly, he stomped carefully. you could tell it was consuming his whole concentration.

did bushy get a new speech writer? somebody with more than a 2nd grade education? or did they just make him stop drinking the "dr pepper" a few hours before the speech? actually, maybe they let him have a little booze. maybe that's why he can admit fault now. he becomes an apologetic drunk.

what was the thought process in choosing one of the few parts of new orleans that was largely intact for the background of the speech? why go "on location" if you're just going to mask the problem? i mean, i absolutely completely love new orleans. if mayhem and i were brave enough to run away when we had talked about it, i would have found a grad school in new orleans, he would have finished his degree there too, and we would have been living there during the hurricane. until the hurricane, it was still something we discussed. "let's move to new orleans and live there until we have kids. then we'll move somewhere else as be grown ups." why in the world, though, do you go into new orleans and then pick a place that epitomizes the rich and the area that was largely saved from the greatest damage? it just doesn't make sense.

i wonder if he realizes that it doesn't help the racial issues in the area when he states everything as "including for minorities." if you're helping people build their own businesses, i don't think most people would interpret that as only for the white people. but maybe i'm wrong.

enough about him...
i am proud to say that this is the first day in years that i finally got down the process for coming home and kicking back. slipped off the shoes right at the door. went straight back to the bathroom and decided to take a shower. then watched a little tv, lathered on a little lotion to make the legs extra silky. then i took a nap. when i got up, i finished off the ice cream i had left, ate popcorn, and had some vanilla pudding. oh yes, and i gave myself a little foot massage. not nearly as good as having a hot man do it for me, but it was still nice. the one flaw is that i'm now sitting here listening to bush. but i'm willing to overlook that because i know i'll get to watch scrubs afterward. scrubs will make up for it.

thanks for all the comments on the last post. i really enjoyed them!

what is your favorite way to relax?


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Work update... 

so a little about work. it is not the source of the bad days of late. it certainly keeps me busy and can be crazy and stressful, but it isn't the only reason i have been overwhelmed lately. it is just one piece in the whole mess, and there is just a lot on my plate. there are ups and downs in the issues, but as life returns to normal, things are improving. i do enjoy my job and am happy at work and with my job, by and large.

have you ever really thought about your face? we are judged by our faces. probably half of our "first impression" that we make on people is due to our face. it is a huge factor in our lives and affects much of life. the irony, though, is that we have very little control over our faces. yes, there are things that we can do to alter them thanks to modern technology and make up. we can also consciously monitor our facial reactions. however, the majority of our looks and our facial expressions are out of our control. it's kind of funny. why in the world do we put so much emphasis on it when it's not in our control? especially when we live in a society that is so focused on being in control. anyway, i just started thinking about that and it seemed kind of quirky to me. i am so thankful to have been blessed with a beautiful face and attractive facial expressions. not to mention to be happy with my looks, self confidence, and high self-esteem.

so what are your thoughts?


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

V and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day... 

that's right. that was today. stressful and crappy.

but oh well. the day will be over soon and i can tackle it anew tomorrow.

right now i am focused on getting a decent night's sleep. hopefully it will happen. a good night's sleep is becoming one of those elusive things that you crave, strive for, and then never quite achieve. i need to try much harder to get a good night's sleep tonight. somehow.

so my roses are still looking beautiful. they are nice to come home to. i had a lovely bag of candy waiting for me at home, too. we had a few naughty moments, but sadly i devoured it before it had satisfied my voracious appetite.


Monday, September 12, 2005


so you get a crappy post. because i was gone all freaking day.

i had to sit through the most horrifyingly boring meeting today. it gave me flashbacks to those really bad and extremely boring classes you would have during college. except it was worse. this one just never ended. i tried my best to keep me occupied. several times i examined everyone's shoes. but that turned out to be a terrible and disgusting diversion because the lady next to me had some of the most disgusting toenails i have ever seen. one was black and ready to fall off and the other was growing out at an angle. when she crossed her legs it pointed menacingly towards me as if to ask if i dare challenge it. my toenails retreated from the duel as i tucked my feet behind the seat and averted my eyes as i felt my stomach churn. i'm feeling a bit queasy just thinking about it now.

so that's about all you get tonight. i'm sorry. now to prepare for tomorrow and pass out. hugs and kisses!


Sunday, September 11, 2005

Stress and roses... 

so i'm unpacking. and i'm stressed again. i have too many things that must get done during the work day, but i'm too busy during work to do it. and while i was busy multi-tasking this morning, i started coughing just after i had taken of a sip, and it dribbled onto the keyboard of my laptop. panic immediately set in, i choked down what was left in my mouth, turned the computer upside down, grabbed a cloth that was thankfully nearby and mopped up everything i could. then turned off the computer and layed it upside down on my bed for a couple hours. and prayed.

thankfully, i think i saved it from injury. thank goodness!

last night was fun, despite a few bumps. a laid back semi-date. really, the main date was getting groceries and renting a movie. although we got to visit the hot tub and cuddle during the movie. and i got roses since they were on sale at the grocery store. it was fun. a couple stupid little issues, like when he tainted the sweetness of buying me roses with complaining that he would have rather been able to surprise me with them. so last night was nice. it was a great escape from all the stupid crap and stress and petty fights.

thinking about that makes me feel a little less stressed. yay, happy days.


Saturday, September 10, 2005


i was completely wiped last night. i slept forever. well, as much as i could really. i had to wake up a couple times to do stupid crap but then i flopped back down in bed.

last night was supposed to be a fun date night. instead, we had "a couple little things to do" first that turned into an all night assignment. i'm not upset about it because most of the errands were either mine or shared. but it was too bad. the same thing happened last weekend. or technically, last weekend mayhem acted like such an ass that i didn't want to go on a date with him. especially because i would have needed to drive us, and i would have been tempted to push him out of the car on the way over there. ok, so nothing that extreme, but nonetheless we haven't gotten to have a date in weeks.

last night i had dinner at a chinese buffet because i was starving mid-errand running. i ate until i was full. good food. but literally 30 minutes afterward, i was starving again. this is why i'm not a huge fan of chinese food. i need food that keeps me full longer than that. but that food seriously was good. i even ate a crab thingamagig that was delicious, and i HATE crab!

i want to hurry and finish unpacking so i can start decorating. and even more fun, making those requisite trips to the hardware store. dreaming up those fun little projects that you may or may not ever finish. i'm like a guy in that respect.

anyway, i guess i better unpack. or take yet another nap. or finish the errands that never got finished.


Thursday, September 08, 2005


i know i probably say this nearly every time i catch scrubs, but i love that show! there are shows that i'll watch, and then there are shows that i adore. ones where i'd consider buying the DVDs (once i have money).

scrubs is one of those shows. fun, creative, funny, good music, and a good message that makes me happy by the end. and it's meaty for a 30 minute show.

so anyway, that episode was showing that even stupid lies can hurt a relationship. but that you also have to let go of the dumb ones about ancient history.

lies have damaged my relationship with mayhem before. mostly lies he told me. i had kept a couple stupid lies of omission and he handled them pretty well. he can be very good to me. but at the same time, he can hurt me more than anyone. the lies don't even have to be that major. i've been hurt enough in my past to get my running shoes on at small lies or hints of a less-than-solid foundation. lack of respect, lack of honesty, those biggies scare me.

that message hit home for me since i can really relate to the hurt feeling of discovering you've been deceived.

in another note...

life is hard. a lot of life is about dealing with hard things, taking the leap, and hoping you're lucky enough to have a parachute that time. if not, then you pray the fall isn't too hard. and if it is, you pray for your good friends and all the king's men to put you together again.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hurricane destruction... 

my internet has been shitty lately. lately... i just got it. so ever since i started paying for internet service again, it has been total crap. that sucks.

i've been feeling crappy today. my throat hurts, i have blisters on the backs of my heels, my thumb feels like the joint got separated somehow, i've been exhausted, my nose feels stopped up, and i feel like i need a deep tissue massage.

i was so cold today that my ring fell off my finger multiple times.

i can't get the hurricane victims out of my mind. i keep thinking of what they must be going through and it just makes me sick. i hate how poorly it was handled. it makes me feel horrible thinking that all of these lives will never be the same again. it bothers me that we're calling them refugees, too. i would call them victims. refugee, in the way we typically use the term, distances them from us. we usually call people refugees when they have come from another country and are different from us. it's not a bad term, it's not racist or anything, but it does create a barrier. like they are these poor people from a far off land, and it is our job to save them from their horrible ruler. like the refugees who came over after the vietnam war.

when i think about how overwhelmed and helpless i feel seeing all the coverage from the hurricane, i truly can't even begin to comprehend how all of these people must feel. i am merely a witness, somebody who wants to help. yet they are living it.


Tuesday, September 06, 2005


i keep smelling strange things today. and yesterday, now that i think about it. yesterday it was an odd mixture, a gross one, like body odor and rubber. then i smelled horrible fried cheap chinese food through the walls. it made me a little nauseous actually.

today it was all good scents, though. vanilla, chocolate cake, cinnamon, fresh flowers. never located the source of the scents though.

oh, and p.s. i'm a dork and want to watch the gilmore girls season premiere. seriously ready for bed now.


Random happenings... 

apartment managers are funny. they make minor problems sound catastrophic and the issues you really care about are looked upon with extreme skepticism.

take the following examples. you have a small leak, a little drip really. so you call it in as such, and later read the report that was given to the maintenance man. "water is gushing from the pipes." say what?? so the maintenace guy thinks you're a psychotic chicken little who thinks the world will end if everything is not just perfect. then you actually have something you want fixed, so you call it in. say your bathtub won't hold the water because they installed the wrong sized stopper. not catastrophic, but annoying and you want it fixed. so you call in that the stopper is the wrong size. they will either call in emergency maintenance to screw in the correct sized stopper and take the poor guy from his wife and children, or they will write out an order like "she thinks the stopper won't hold water and assumes it's because the stopper is the wrong size." makes you sound idiotic and incompetent. a similar trick is when you call in that something is clearly broken and the note reads "resident thinks thus-and-such might be broken." uh, no, i know it's broken. so they review the situation and think "now why in the world would she not know for sure that it's broken?!"

just a little random frustration.

so what else... work was crazy nuts today. oh yes, i just got a job. finally! this is how busy i was... i prepared coffee this morning to get through the day. i managed to down a couple sips and that was it. poured the rest down the drain once i finally got home. so yes, i'm a working woman now. that's about all the details you'll get because i won't be writing about it, but don't fear... i like the job.

so i kind of have a whole new life. or it feels like it at least.

i ate a big take out box of leftovers for dinner and i'm falling over sleepy right now.

so the other day i went to the grocery store and passed by the brach's selection. i've passed it a thousand times before in the store and never even paused for a sample. actually, i used to even think that nobody ever bought that candy and wondered why it was still around. but the other day, i saw it, and i wanted it. at first i was just going to get a couple samples. i asked mayhem for 20 cents so i could get the samples. the little lock box said samples: 10 cents. i would feel guilty taking a sample without paying. mayhem didn't see the little sign so he picked up the little candies and said "let's go." i pointed to the sign and said i had to pay if i wanted them. i didn't have any change and he didn't have 2 dimes. so my final decision was to just get a whole bag of candies. so who knew people actually bought those candies. even more so, who knew that i would buy them. so now i have a little stash.

i think i'll have a little candy from my stash and go to bed. i am truly falling-over-tired.

throw any questions or comments at me. i need a little grease to get these squeaky old blogging wheels turning at full throttle again.


Monday, September 05, 2005

Away from home... 

it feels like i've been away from home for ages. like i'm coming back to my old home town and everything has changed. that's how i feel coming back from this way too long hiatus.

after much struggle and frustration and wondering "what in the hell is this doing to solve the problem?" i got internet once again. i will put up a decent, meaty post tomorrow evening.

until then, this is what you have.

feel free to share any thoughts and comments about the hurricane disaster. it's been on my mind most of the time this past week. i have a feeling that this will end up changing life as we know it forever. i'm not sure how or why yet, but i just get that feeling. too much went wrong, too many were affected, responses were too slow for this to not really change things drastically.


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